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GameShark Codes for GT2

» There are many, many different GS codes for the Gran Turismo series. Let me tell you immediately that I take no credit for any of these codes. That's right, zero of them. They are here for my own amusement, but if you can find a use for them, let me know. And if you know who discovered these codes, let me now, so I can give credit. I encourage you to visit the sites that have good working codes.

» Of course, you need a GameShark to use these codes; there is no series of buttons to push to get these desired effects. Also, I would like to note that some of these codes are in fact, for cheating or creating the impossible. Other codes actually make the game more challenging. And some codes make for richer and customized game play. Whatever you may call it, I hope they are of use to you.

» Please note that I have used various methods for using the codes. Sometimes this is out of necessity, or downright lazyness. I'm not an expert on GameSharks (I use an old version 2.3 GS), so bear with me. Also, please note that there are several versions of GT2. The verison of the game makes all the difference in your GS codes.

» If you want to make hybrids, I have created a separte section dedicated to it. The whole concept of hybridization is due to these GS codes, and they are a bit more complicated than regular codes, so they are separated from this section.

Basic stuff
- 99,999,999 credits
- Timer always zero
- Gold licenses
- Choose number of laps
- 0% or 111% completed
- Any car, any Track
- Dirt tires/rally capable
- Clear screen for replays
- Race cars in replays
- No countdown
- 2 player rally race
- 2 players with AI cars
Change car color
Rename your cars
Buy any car
Racetrack codes
Create a series
Improve the other cars
Expert Event Generator