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Choose the Tracks

» This works great for racing any car on any track you see above. It also works in the track series code set. If you've always wanted to see how your Audi TT LM would handle on a rally track, now you can find out. Thanks to Czardragon and Skynyrd for these codes.

801D52FC wwxx
801D52FE yyzz

» Example: If you want to race at Autumn Ring
801D52FC 31B6
801D52FE B70B

yyzzwwxx -- Track name
B70B31B6 -- Autumn Ring
B6D76BC6 -- Autumn Ring
D3BE49B6 -- Autumn Ring
7EB5CA9F -- Apricot Hill Speedway
2A83F7C7 -- Apricot Hill Speedway
A101EF80 -- Apricot Hill Speedway
718B3BA1 -- Midfield Raceway
EE8BC31C -- Midfield Raceway
A2F4C4F1 -- Midfield Raceway
71AAC9B3 -- Pikes Peak Hill Climb
26D3C39B -- Pikes Peak Hill Climb
9CAA0D79 -- Pikes Peak Downhill
B4F4E47F -- Pikes Peak Downhill
AFC8DB7C -- Seattle Short Course
A2D75F7C -- Seattle Short Course
75F7E25F -- Seattle Short Course
A2D762AE -- Seattle Circuit Full Course
762B025F -- Seattle Circuit Full Course
AFC8DEAE -- Seattle Circuit Full Course
01922CF4 -- Motor Sports Land
22CF4D09 -- Motor Sports Land
62A36BFC -- Laguna Seca Raceway
A8DAFF4A -- Laguna Seca Raceway
36BFD31A -- Laguna Seca Raceway
454B35E9 -- Laguna Seca Raceway
ED4AED05 -- Grand Valley Speedway
B39370FE -- Grand Valley Speedway
C084ECFE -- Grand Valley Speedway
6AD87E5E -- Tahiti Road
F97FA851 -- Tahiti Road
5FEE1234 -- Tahiti Road
351AA86C -- Grand Valley East Section
74A70CF4 -- Grand Valley East Section
34A7DC0C -- Grand Valley East Section
669A543C -- Super Speedway
34C670EC -- Super Speedway
D141D631 -- Super Speedway
73AB047E -- Red Rock Valley Speedway
809C807E -- Red Rock Valley Speedway
AD628085 -- Red Rock Valley Speedway
70385B58 -- Clubman Stage Route 5
342B5B55 -- Clubman Stage Route 5
33D95B55 -- Clubman Stage Route 5
B5990B53 -- Special Stage Route 5
A8A78F53 -- Special Stage Route 5
A8A8D753 -- Special Stage Route 5
B79B445E -- Grindelwald
48D66D34 -- Grindelwald
EABE6038 -- Grindelwald
60CF0EDD -- Rome Circuit Full Course
01CF0BA1 -- Rome Circuit Full Course
E0D0DA0E -- Rome Circuit Full Course
4C9B449C -- Rome-Night
3C9B7862 -- Rome-Night
3CB82B7A -- Rome-Night
4197FAE2 -- Rome Short Course
41B4ADFA -- Rome Short Course
5197C71C -- Rome Short Course
A36383ED -- Deep Forest Raceway
71E38222 -- Deep Forest Raceway
3584821F -- Deep Forest Raceway
35B88252 -- High Speed Ring
72178255 -- High Speed Ring
A3978420 -- High Speed Ring
60BAAF25 -- Autumn Ring Mini
01BAABE9 -- Autumn Ring Mini
E0BC7A56 -- Autumn Ring Mini
EC36E5BE -- Trial Mountain Circuit
AFD7E5BB -- Trial Mountain Circuit
1DB6E78A -- Trial Mountain Circuit
353A051C -- Test Course
74C669A4 -- Test Course
E4B7EF9C -- Friction_circle30
E4B7F0DC -- Friction_circle80
74C823D2 -- Max Speed Run
600625B5 -- Tahiti Maze
4FEDD235 -- Tahiti Dirt Route 3
48DB3CA7 -- Tahiti Dirt Route 3
36D32788 -- Tahiti Dirt Route 3
6B3F15FB -- Smokey Mountain South
57F3A9EC -- Smokey Mountain South
FCEE78CB -- Smokey Mountain South
6B3F15FC -- Green Forest Roadway
57F7A9EC -- Green Forest Roadway
A8C6399C -- Smokey Mountain North
E678A008 -- Smokey Mountain North
9E2BFFEF -- Smokey Mountain North

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Basic stuff
- 99,999,999 credits
- Timer always zero
- Gold licenses
- Choose number of laps
- 0% or 111% completed
- Any car, any Track
- Dirt tires/rally capable
- Clear screen for replays
- Race cars in replays
- No countdown
- 2 player rally race
- 2 players with AI cars
Change car color
Rename your cars
Buy any car
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