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Welcome to my Gran Turismo 3 website!
Gran Turismo 3 is a driving simulator game for the Sony PlayStation 2, introduced to North America in mid-2001. It's arguably become the most popular driving simulator and for most people, the yardstick in which all other racing games are measured to. Whether it's the huge selection of cars, the realistic physics of the cars, the sheer graphic intensity, or the strategy involved from beginning to end, there's little reason to believe that somehow a better racing game than GT3 exists.

I started playing GT3 rather late; I began in July 2003, and finished it up a few months later. This time, I dove straight into the Simulation Mode, which has over 180 choices of cars to play around with. The GT3 Spot isn't as comprehensive as my GT2 Spot, because I haven't played GT3 nearly as much as GT2, but I will keep you informed on the basics of the game, as well as the usual tips, tricks, and prize car lists. Also, I'll provide a little more feedback and some links to other GT sites, just like my other GT Spots.
Site Updates March 2004
Made a few changes to the site design, with smaller fonts and slightly different interface. Don't bother asking me when the "real" GT4 will come out, since nobody seems to's been delayed to what seems to be this autumn, but who knows if that means Japan, or the rest of the game-playing world? If you've got the means to buy "Prologue", then be my guest; I'm not that hardcore a gamer.

January 2004
Used the GT2 Spot as the design for the GT3 spot. Works well, made a few color changes. It just didn't seem right to not have a GT3 page, since it's been the focus of my game-playing attention.

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