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Welcome to my Gran Turismo 2 website!
Gran Turismo is a driving simulator game for the Sony PlayStation, introduced to the public in late 1999. There are about 600 cars to drive in the game, but you can't buy all of them, so you have to try to win them. You also have to earn the right to race by passing certain tests. No two cars are alike, and that's what makes it fun. The game spans 35 years of automotive and motorsport development, so if you're a car nut like me, expect to get attached to the game. There are muscle cars, racing cars, sports cars, econo-cars, and luxury sedans. There are about 30 circuits: paved road courses and rally tracks with mixed surfaces.

This site was created for the beginner as well as the seasoned GT2 racer. There's a prize car list with suggestions, a listing of every car that's really in the game, no fooling around. Not swiped from another site, this info was researched and double-checked. A detailed prize car list, and my opinions about each of the cars. Starting out all over again? See the cars available on Day 1.

If you're a beginner, there's help available. Check out my tips and suggestions; this isn't just cut-and-pasted from some other sources. If you want more info about GT2, look at the frequently asked questions; even the expert may learn a thing or two. There's even a listing of all the cars the AI races, and which events to find them in. Where else are you going to find that? If you can't find your answer, send me a message; my contact info is at the top of the screen.

Have a GameShark? We've got some codes for you. If you always wanted to learn how to build a hybrid, then I have the best hybrid tutorial you'll find on the web. If you're already into building hybrids, I haven't forgotten about you: checkout the massive list of codes to make that GT2 car of your dreams. If you've got a DexDrive, download some game saves for your amusement.

If you want to see how well (or poorly!) I've fared at the game; check out my lap records. It should give you a little something to shoot for. And have a look at the credits in my web site, so you can see who's been helpful and see other Gran Turismo links on the web.

December 2002
Redesigned the site completely, no more frames. Added some cars to the nearly-100 car garage. How could I forget these babies? Now there's judgements on the prize cars, so you know what to keep and what to throw out. Graphical representation of lb/hp ratios for comparison purposes are available. I finally included a contact, too.

September 2002
Included a pic of my "Superlicence". Finally submitted page to search engines.

June 2002
Created second generation of this website. Navigation is far easier with frames, the pages are simpler to modify. Title changed to Pupik's GT2 Spot because everyone else has a "GT2 Page".

March 2002
Changed the feel of the site by putting links on the side. Created the first all-encompassing stat page for every car in the game. Often imitated, never duplicated.

May 2001
Created first-generation of site for web design class. Received an A+, but design was cumbersome to edit. It was called Pupik Motorsports, "Another GT2 page, only better." Fortunately, nobody ever called the page "PMS".

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