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The almost 100-car garage...
For those of us with just a simgle memory card to spare, here's how to work it down to just under 100. There are also some other cars which are necessary to pass the game. Some have been included, but others aren't worth keeping, in my opinion. And there are a few I wanted to keep, but couldn't find room for. But that's why this is the "almost 100-car garage", this way you can add your own.

Power (hp) Choices
< 200 FF Lancia Y, Ford Ka
FR Cappucino, Starlet '82
MR/RR Mazda AZ-1, Subaru 360
4WD Daihatsu Move Alto Works '90
FF Neon ACR, Citroen Saxo, Mini Mk1215, Demio A-spec, Civic Si '93
201-300 FR Trueno/Levin 83/'85, Miata '89-'93, Lotus Elan S2
MR/RR Tommy Kaira ZZ III, PT spyder,Tom's Angel T01,Tommy Kaira ZZ-S
301-400 FF Fiat Coupe, Accord Type R, FTO Trampio GT, Integra Type R '98
FR Skyline GT-R '71, Honda S2000, Lexus IS200, Cobra Coupe '65, Trueno GT '99
MR/RR Concept Car, Elise Motorsport, Stratos
4WD Protege GT-X '92, TT 1.8 quattro, Xsara Rally Car, Lancia Delta S4
< 401 FF Mercury Cougar '99, Intrepid, 156 2.5 V6
401-500 FR RX-7 A-spec '96, Silvia R Aero, Cusco Impreza, Xanavi Silvia, Amemiya RX-7
MR/RR NSX Type S Zero, Jaguar XJR15, GT40 Race Car
4WD Impreza WRX '98, Ford RS200, Evo. VI Rally Car, Beetle Rally Car
501-600 FR Altezza LM edition, Tuscan Speed 6, RX-7 GT-C LM, Skyline R30 SF, S2000 GT1
MR/RR Concept Car LM, TRD 2000GT, Lotus Esprit GT1, Clio Sport 24v, ZZ II
4WD Lancer Evo. VI '99, Impreza 22B, CLK Race Car, TT LM edition, FTO LM edition
601-700 FR Denso Supra, RX-7 Type R '98, SR Widebody, Taisan/Oreca Viper, Cerbera LM
MR/RR GT-One '98/'99, R390 GT1 '97, Elise GT1, del Sol LM edition, Vector M12
4WD 3000GT LM '99, CTR2 Sport, Audi S4, Stagea 260RS
> 701 FR TVR Speed 12, Lister Storm, Viper RT/10, Supra RZ '97
MR/RR Atlantique 600LM, W8 Twin Turbo, GT-One Road Ver., Espace F1
4WD Unisia Jecs Skyline, Cultus Pikes Peak, Skyline GT-R '99, 3000GT VR-4 '99

200hp and under (FF drivetrain)

Lancia Y
This one's not really a Kei car. First, it's probably not for sale in Japan. Secondly, it produces about 80hp in stock trim, so it's already over the 63hp-maximum. Thirdly, it just blows away the other Kei cars. This is one front-driver that doesn't act like one. Although the performance won't having you reaching for the TCS, it's got impressive moves, enough to keep up with races up to ~493hp, if you're so inclined. Oh, and if you have to ask "Why", you're not pronouncoing the name right...it's Upsilon.

Ford Ka
Okay, I admit the Ford Ka isn't the most impressive FF kei car, but it's got sports car-like moves, and is quite surefooted. It's weight distribution is wonderful compared to some of the other cars in it's class, so it's not front or top-heavy. Match it up against sports cars, and it will be a fair fight. No, it isn't the lightest, or the most powerful in class, but its moves make up for it. It's also necessary for completing the game.

Honorable Mention
I didn't pick more than 2, because there is little separating the other kei's. But with the right tuning, many of the following can be impressive: Mini Cooper S, VW Lupo, and Toyota Vitz. The decision is up to you, as none of the kei's offer a significant power or weight advantage over the others in class.

The Daihatsu Opti Club Sport is neither club-racer nor sporty. With a max of 82hp, this car will surely disappoint you. The same goes for their '95 Move CX, but it gets another three horses. Don't waste your time. The Honda Life T (whether '97 or '98) gets a measly 112hp; I don't recommend wasting time with it. The Renault Cilo 16v might be a freebie, but there's strings attached (not enough power).

200hp and under (MR or RR drivetrain)
Subaru 360 '69
This car will have one of the lowest power outputs of any in your garage. Only 142hp; have you lost your mind? And it looks like a old VW Beetle that was left in the sun too long. Why are you doing this to me? Well, have acloser look at its specs. Hmmm, it has a rear-engined, rear-drive layout...like a miniature Porsche (oops, I mean Ruf). And what's with the weight? You can pare it down to only 861 pounds! Do the math, and you now have a little car with just over 6 pounds per horsepower, somewhere in the used WRX territory!

Toyota Starlet '82
Well, the only other serious contender is the '82 Toyota Starlet. Funny-looking thing, isn't it? Mirrors on the hood, compact shape, low price, unnecessary racing stripes...is that their idea of Jetliner Silver? And where's the promised turbo? Too many unanswered questions, so this must be joker's car, right? Well, have some fun beating the others in the Starlet Meeting...it's FR layout will be nothing to laugh at.

Honorable Mention
Not much left to mention. The Daihatsu Midget is a necessary, if not homely addition to the game. But its bizzare looks and charm will wear off once you've had to put it through 2 laps of the Midget Contest. Be sure to modify it for speed and put a tranny on it, or the pain will be prolonged. But it's still fun to show it off to your friends. Other than that, the only other cars might be the eighties' Trueno/Levin twins, but only in unmodified form. But that doesn't do it justice, and we'll deal with them later.

200hp and under (4WD drivetrain)

Daihatsu Move SR-XX '97
I do not usually have much to say about the Daihatsu lineup. With the exception of the Storia Rally Car, it's just a bunch of under-powered miniature cars. And the styling is rather ugly on many of them. But this used Move stands out from the bunch. You get 190hp, and just over 1400 pounds. And the four-wheel-drive is nice for a rally challenge. It's no WRX, but as one of the tallest cars in the game, it still keeps its composure.

Suzuki Alto Works RS/X '90
Since you're going to need an Alto Works, why not buy the oldest, cheapest one? It's got the same amount of power, less weight, and doesn't look like a melted candy bar. And the racing modifcation appears tastefully muted, unlike many of the frightful designs I see on many other modified cars. And the steering is absolutely direct, easy to control, and the power isn't half bad for a city car. A pity this car isn't available on the first day, I'd suggest it if that was so. But you will nead a kei car for the ~98hp events, so have at it.

Honorable Mention
The Mitsubishi Dangan ZZ is always available in the used lots, and always cheap. It's a little top heavy under cornering (can you say body roll?), but otherwise, a fun little car from the marque of the three diamonds. Plus, Dangan sounds cool to say. The Honda Z gets a mention here because like the Ruf CTR Sport, it's a rear-engined, 4WD layout. So you get the thrill of a AZ-1 with 4WD (did I say thrill?). It handles like a crazy contraption, but worth a try if you want something different.

Hard to find an over-rated 4wd kei car. I just can't fathom the reasoning behind 4WD and 63 horsepower.

200hp and under (MR or RR drivetrain)
Subaru 360
This car will have one of the lowest power outputs of any in your garage. Only 142hp; have you lost your mind? And it looks like a old VW Beetle that was left in the sun too long. Why are you doing this to me? Well, have acloser look at its specs. Hmmm, it has a rear-engined, rear-drive layout...like a miniature Porsche (oops, I mean Ruf). And what's with the weight? You can pare it down to only 861 pounds! Do the math, and you now have a little car with just over 6 pounds per horsepower, somewhere in the used WRX territory, Altezza-land, and an even better ratio than those Mustang Cobras! Yes, you'll be gasping for air, evntually, but it puts up a good fight with several other car classes. It's a bit of a rare car, so it may take time to find.

Mazdaspeed AZ-1 A-spec
Ah, I knew they found away to sneak a Ferrari F40 into the game. There it is, running slow on prupose, trying not to go too fast and beat all the other kei-cars. Wait a minute, it's a Mazdaspeed...that little AZ-1, not a Ferrari. This tiny wannabe sports car (and it's cousin, the regular Mazda AZ-1) gets a good bit of credit for being a mid-engined coupe. Flashy, tiny, and sporty, it gets the job done. I prefer the A-spec version; the aero package makes the little car a bit more tasteful. It's also a somewhat rare used car, so be on the lookout.

Honorable Mention
Fiat 500R, for being the Italian version of the Subaru 360. If you start out the game with this car, I have a lot of respect for you. Any one can hop in a used Supra, RX-7, or Skyline, and make some money quick, but to start out racing with the 500R is certainly a long-term relationship. Yes, 138hp isn't much, but it makes the Midget fans cry.

Any of the Honda Beats. Same for the Mugen Beat. I think they are ugly, and they handle like hockey pucks. Which isn't too nice for such an underpowered car. Get one for the Beat the Beat events, and get rid of it.

201hp-300hp (FF drivetrain)
Dodge Neon ACR (or Coupe)
This may seem a little biased, but I used to own a Neon. But I haven't heard of too many people complaining about having to drive one (in the game, at least). So I prefer the 4-door ACR, naturally, but the coupe will have the same specs. It has enough power and handling to beat almost anything the AI throws at you, up to ~591hp. Don't let the FF fool you, it acts as stable as an 4wd car with the right setup, or you can set it up to act more like a FR car with the proper technique. Throw some dirt tires on it, and take on the rally cars. My only gripe is its racing modification, although historically acurate, is rather ugly.

Citroen Saxo
A neat little car, this fun little hatchback is quite impresive. Two hundred sixty-four horses, and a very light weight make this a little French treat. It's got chuckable handling, and only when absolutely pressed to its limits, does it show its FF drivetrain layout. It too, has all the capability of a rally car, and the racing mod shows that off quite nicely.

Mini Cooper Mk1275
It's hard not to be fooled into this special Mini. Why is that 77hp car under the Specials? There must be some reason; maybe you'll understand when you take it home. Hey! It changed to 239! It's a good deal of fun, and it does well as the oldest rally special in the game. These cars were tough to beat in the 1960's and I'm sure you'll find that true in the 21st century. If you're not convinced, try the Superlicense test at Tahiti Road one more time and see.

Mazdaspeed Demio A-spec
This car returns from FF prize car duty in GT1 to become, well, a prize car for winning FF races in GT2. Mazdaspeed does a wonderful job with every car it gets its hands on. You can strip a good deal of dead weight form the car, and boost it all the way to 270 horsepwer. And the styling isn't too obscene. It forgets it's FF, but somehow doesn't remember it's not a hybrid when it comes to its exhaust note. Oh well, hopefully it won't bother you too much.

Honda Civic Si '93
A great first-day car; not terrribly exciting, but easy to drive fast and drive well. It's also a great way to earn quick credits; Civic races pay out 5,000cr each, for example. Max it to 299hp, and it makes for a decent rally car, and even NA-tuned makes for easy wins.

Honorable Mention
There are a few that deserve some credit here. The Peugeot 106 S16 is a neat little car, but a bit under-powered. The '91 or '96 Inifintis are nice little cars, they don't act like overweight sedans, either. The Megane's worth a try, and the Ford Focus coupe is alright.

The Spoon Civic just laughs at you when you try to raise its game. The engine is sweet sounding, but 250hp isn't enough to keep me interested at those high revs all day. Too much shifting, not enough power, I feel cheated. And the black carbon-fiber hood looks like it was lifted from a junkyard. The XYR is a similar tightwad when it comes to modifcations, but the '99 Celicas also disappoint anyway. Sure, 260-280hp is not bad, but why does nearly every other used Toyota Celica out-power it? Lastly, the '96-'98 Trueno/Levin combination is just four extra cars the game that are shameful to the AE86 heritage.

201hp - 300hp (FR drivetrain)
Trueno '83/'85 (or Levin '83/'85)
This one will take you by surprise. A completely innocuous little car that isn't required for passing the game, so it gets ignored. But at the Granturismo.com Forum, there were several members there who absolutely swear by the AE86 (the Toyota code name for the platform). I figured, they are nuts; just 260hp in a hatchback design. I've never heard of anyone in America go nuts for this car: what gives? Ah, but this is your drifting car. Floor it through just about any turn, and you'll be rewarded with a nice even slide that no car in the game can duplicate. I've been converted, and now I'm a believer. Any of the 1983-85 Truenos or Levins give the same results, perhaps the Levin's racing mod looks better, but you'll fall in love with this car when you adjust the settings. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the '96/'98 AE92/AE111 series.

Mazda Miata (any '89-'93 model)
This car was an instant hit around the world; convertibles are no longer the overweight, underpowered luxury cruisers that they were at the beginning of the 1980's; a big thank you goes to Mazda for that. No, it's not a speed demon, but that classic front-engine, rear-drive layout can't be beat for weight-distribution. And take away the dead weight, and you have a hit with the sports-car class. It drifts nicely, power comes to you quickly, and it can be flicked around like a go-cart. There are several used for sale on the first day; it's truly an ideal beginner car for the game.

Lotus Elan S2 ('64 or S4 '71)
Welcome to the oldest car in the game. 1964 is where it all began (for GT2, that is), and the nimble Lotus Elan was the Miata of its day. Look at the styling, and you can see how the Miata engineers found inspiration for the MX-5. Race modify the Elan, and you'll be cruising around like you're Jimmy Clark dominating the racing circuits of the world. A fully modified Elan has the approximate weight and power of the Lotus formula one cars of the early-1960's, so you'll get a taste of the "other" pseudo-F1 car in the game. Either the S2 or S4 will do the trick, there isn't much to choose from; you'll have an FF car if you buy the '90 Elan (which isn't too bad anyhow).

201hp - 300hp (MR drivetrain)
Tommy Kaira ZZ III
Another forgotten car, the ZZ III, goes unnoticed because its older brother, the ZZ-S, gets to race in its own series, and competes in various events. Not so for the ZZ III, who sits on the AI sidelines and waits its turn. It's a nice prize car, and although the stock horsepower doesn't swivel heads, the very light weight and MR layout ought to. Modify the car to 276hp, and you'll be beating the competition with ease. It's so nimble, sprightly, and it even has a '62 Ferrari GTO-esque front nose. One of my "secret weapons" for defeating GT2's AI.

Tommy Kaira ZZ-S
I have to give kudos to the ZZ-S, the progenitor of the ZZ III, which proves a light weight and just the right amount of power can work wonders. Just a tad more power, and a little less weight than the III makes it a tastly little number; but the shape of the car is a love-it-or-leave- it situation.

Tom's Angel T01
Another overlooked prize car, the Angel T01, deserves a chance. Between the ZZ III and the Angel, you'll swear they were separated at birth, except the ZZ III is more of a concept car, and the T01 has already hit the market. Although the power is not mind-bending, the lightweight MR handling will have you thinking it's a Tommy Kaira, even though it's just a Tom.

Plymouth PT Spyder
The Porsche Boxster look-alike deserves more power. Like the Spoon Civic and the XYR, it gets the cold shoulder by the Turbo/NA upgrades, but the styling alone ought to give it a place in your garage. Besides, it's th only modern-day styled Plymouth.

The only true MG in the game is not bad, but suffers from a lack of power and grit to keep up with the others mentioned here. But it acquits itself nicely, even if there is a shortage MR cars without gigantic power outputs. At the very least, you need one to complete the game.

301hp - 400hp (FR drivetrain)
Fiat Coupe
A funny-looking car with power to boot. If you're going to own Ferrari, you need at least one performance car that looks and (almost) acts the part. Enter the Fiat Coupe. Sure, the FF isn't Prancing Horse material, but the power output is rather nice. The more you drive it, the more the effect of the drivetrain disappears. Get it loose, or get it twitchy, it makes no difference to this unflappable car.

Accord Type R
Finally, a sedan with sports-car attributes. First, more even weight ditribution than most 4-door cars. Second, give it sporting reflexes. Third, give it some power, and trim some weight. now you have a sedan that can embarrass the big boys. Did I mention it's a Type-R?

Integra Type-R
The Integra get somewhat forgotten in the sports-car mix, but it was one of the first sporting front-drivers to the marketplace. And the Integra keeps its sporting commitments by making you forget that all the weight is in the front, by allowing you to shake the back. If you have the means, I recommend getting the hidden Japanese Type-R 98 Spec for even more power.

FTO Trampio Taevion
Front wheel-driven racing cars? Get out of here! Ah, but I thought the same until taking this beauty out for laps against the GT300 series. It handily beat them all, and never broke a sweat. So Itook on the GT500 crew, and although it was very close, this magical car won the championship by a scant 2 points. It's flawless, except in braking ability from high speeds to very low speeds, making it difficult to make the corners smoothly. But overall, a very impressive car with a unusual name.

Honorable Mention
There really aren't any bad ones: The Mugen Accord is a nice addition, just a little underpowered (301hp) compared to the Accord Type-R. The Civic Type-R is a very nice little hatch, but something about it just doesn't charm me like the Accord does. The Peugeot 406 Coupe is a nice-looking car, that needs to shed a few pounds. The Laguna V6 is a nice sedan, too. And the VW Golfs are okay, but feel a bit heavy. The Mitsubishi FTO GPX's are worth a try, and hard to fault; they just aren't exciting to drive.

301hp - 400hp (FR drivetrain)
Skyline GT-R '71
An unnessarly expensive, ugly used car. A wolf in sheep's clothing. KPMC-10. Whatever you call it, it's bound to impress. If you've had it with 4WD Skylines, here's a tonic. Take an old-school Skyline, mod it, and embarass the competition. 335 horses can work wonders into an old car. I grin every time I drive this old car, making me want one just as bad. The mere fact it's the only GT-R than can legally be imported and driven in the United States makes me cringe at present regulations.

Honda S2000
This is a car Honda should have made 10 years ago, but the Miata came first. However, it's an outstanding effort. Couple an engine that races to 8000rpm, a light car with a convertible top, and a rear-drive layout that can do wonders. This nimble little car is a joy to drive. Honda finally enters the FR arena, and with great aplomb. There is a Spoon verison available, which handles a little nicer, but not as powerful. If you can get an all-gold B license, You'll appreciate every moment with this little jewel.

Toyota Lexus IS200
I've chosen the slower of the Altezza-based gang of cars; it makes racing a bit more of a challenge, but these sporty little Bimmer-fighters are all nice to play around with. Like the S2000, they are a welcome addition to the game. And the racing modification is rather striking, not as uncreative as the Toyota Altezza's choices. But a light, nimble, and powerful sedan is always welcome in my book. The trouble is, that said registry needs a few more entries.

Shelby Cobra Coupe '65
Carroll Shelby showed the British how to improve a little sports car, and then took on the racing giant that was Ferrari. It caught them off-guard, and did so with grit, no glamour. This blue racing coupe is a lot of fun to navigate through the twisites, and take on the GT300 crew. Think of it as the ancestral predecessor to the Viper; if not by lineage, then in spirit.

BP Apex Trueno GT '99
Take the fun of an AE86, and put it on steroids. Take on corners like never before; you'll need it because it's not the fastest straight-line GT500 challenger. It's possible, with practice, to beat the best cars in the game with this baby. Tough to win, but worth the effort; GT300 championships are not easy to win with fair machinery, but the skills you gain are irreplaceable. Go, #86!

Honorable Mention
So many to name, so little garage space. The Aston DB6 can be lots of fun, but handles a little wobbly. It's fun being 007 for a day, though. The Mustang GTs are worth noting, as is the Mazdaspeed Miata C-Spec. The '90 RX-7s (Infini III, convertible, and GT-X) are nice to have; the III makes a great first day car. Lots of the Silvia/240SX's deserve a mention; all can get modded to over 300hp.

301hp - 400hp (4WD drivetrain)
Protege GT-X '92
A neat little car with bags of power, how can you overlook it? Well, putting it at the top of the used car pile probably didn't help any. Fully mod it, and tune it just a little, and car acts as if it's painted on the road. Very easy to drive, and a good deal of surprising fun. Makes up for Mazda's aborted rally ambitions, doesn't it?

Audi TT 1.8 quattro
It's hard not to like the styling of this car. It's so different, and a blast to drive. The TT Challenge is fun to race in, and the car is so nice to fling around, that it takes a lot to mess it up. The soft, rounded lines are a welcome addition to my garage, presently lined with so many straight lines. Throw in almost 400hp, and you're redy to roll. If you need more power, the LM edition awaits you, too.

Citroen Xsara Rally Car
An overlooked rally car that isn't the most powerful, but one of the nicest to wrap around corners like it's on rails. Whether dirt or tarmac, this black beauty never seems to disappoint. It will be a great counterpart to the car below...

Lancia Delta S4
This car, on the other hand, allows you to get the tail pointed in silly directions, and somehow retains its elasticity to swing right back where you want it. Oh, it's a handful, but it sure seems more powerful than even the garage rating claims. The car means business all the same though.

Honorable Mention
The Audi A4 is nice, but my heart always yearns for the better (and cheaper) S4 instead. The Toyotas Caldina and Mazda wagons are nice additions, but get forgotten by more exotic machinery.

301hp - 400hp (MR drivetrain)
Dodge Concept Car
Still not an easy prize car to attain, but worth the effort nevertheless. The Dodge "Copperhead" is proof that America is willing to build a mid-engined sports car. Alas, it's just a concept car. But I liked seeing it the local auto show, and fully modified, it's one impressive beast. light, low, and powerful...not to mention a one-of-a-kind paint job. I can't bring myself to racing modify it.

Lotus Elise Motorsport
Like the Concept Car, this one's tough to beat, and it too, has all the right ingredients. This car will keep up with the best, but it takes a steady hand to wring out the best of this machine. It really takes patience to win with this car, but again, if you can set it up properly, you'll find nothing is too difficult. The only real caveat is the lack of a racing modification for what is ostensibly, a non-street legal racing car.

Momo Corse Toyota MR2
This GT300 car gets my vote as asupremely confident MR car; it's well-balanced, and fun to drive fast. It doesn't get too bothered by the twisty stuff, and despite the stoubles the AI has with it, you'll have no troubles winning races with this car. It may not beat all of the GT500 machinery with it, but it's a nice car to have in your stables.

Lancia Stratos
This little Ferrari-engined car has a strong exhaust note, and can be a devastatingly quick rally car. The racing mod is historically acurate, it's low weight and reflexes make it a prime-time mover and shaker. This car suffers from random-car syndrome; many GT2 racers have discovered it doesn't like to show up in your garage despite racing at Apricot Hill for days on end.

Honorable Mention
The NSX '91 is worthy, but why stop there when you can have more power with the other NSX's.

The Tom's T020 just doesn't cut the mustard, and it handles horribly to boot. Whatever happened to the MR2, I want back, because they ruined it, and that sideways-monted snorkel has to go.

401hp and up (FF drivetrain)
Mercury Cougar
A surprising little car with a surprising amount of power. Not the most nimble car, especially at high speeds, but still an interesting car for your garage.

Dodge Intrepid
A big sedan that has moves like the Neon, but has lots of power. A pleasant surprise to drive. And wait until you race-modify it.

Alfa 156 2.5 V6 24v
This car's a mouthful to say, but not a handful to drive. There aren't any other high-powered FF cars. At this point, you need to start having fun with mid-engined or front-engined, rear-wheel-drive cars...the front-wheel drive confuguration has reached it's limit, and is no longer a viable method of transferring power to the wheels. FF was fun for beginners, but now it's time to put the toys away.

401hp - 500hp (FR drivetrain)
Mazdaspeed RX-7 A-spec '96
The RX-7, with this nice torque curve, low weight, and agile reflexes, gets only better when Mazdaspeed tunes it into A-spec form. This car is at the expensive end of the used car section, but once fully tuned to 496hp, you'll realize what a good deal it was. This is a virtually flawless machine that can take on the GT500 series with a little skill. This car is versatile from stock form to fully-tricked-out; it should be good for many race wins.

Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero '99
Finally, the Silvia is all grown up, and a serious competitor ready to tackle the competition. It doesn't have the cut-and-thrust of the old Silvia LM in GT1, but the beautiful bodywork, nice suspension moves, good-natured rear-drive configuration, and a willing engine make this a tasty little number. But not for your kitchen; it's for your garage.

Cusco Impreza GT
This is the only Impreza that isn't 4WD, and clearly not a rally racer. This little devil will harrass you all day long in the GT300 series, but can be used to bother the GT500 cars as well. This car seems a lot more powerful than it first appears, because it goes like stink with that low weight. A very well-balanced little race car.

Xanavi Silvia GT (or Daishin)
This car, despite only 413hp, is another one to beat in the GT300 series. But in the GT500 land, it's certianly got it's work cut out for itself. Either the Xanavi or Daishin variety should do you well, and it probably has some of the best traction you'll find in the game. I found the Xanavi to be a little more tossable through the slower corners than the Daishin; but of course, the Daishin is easier to win. Either way, it's a very smooth car.

RE Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi RX-7
This car gets the nod not for having a long name, but for being very fast. This car is the one to beat in the GT300 class, and can also be quite formidable in the GT All Stars/GT500 class.

401hp to 500 (4WD drivetrain)
Impreza WRX Coupe STi Type-R '98
This is a nice car to have for both rallying and road racing. Not too expensive, and there is always one available in the used car lots. It's easy to drive, and quite powerful, too. The 4wd makes it difficult to spin out, and the weight distribution is just right.

Ford RS200
Before the Escort and Focus, there was the Ford RS200 coupe. A nice little car with plenty of oomph and just twitchy enough to be a nice 4wd vehicle.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car '99
Another great rally car; good for both road and rally courses. You can get the hang of yaw control with this car; it's one of the few that offers it. It's definately the AI's favorite rally car of choice, it appears as competition in a number of races.

New Beetle Rally Car
The New Beetle can get a good deal of power, but the FF just isn't enough to make me interested. But the special Beetle GT can. It has 424hp, and a low weight to complement it's power. And the 4wd makes it nice. This car is an ideal rally car, very easy to turn and steer, but a little lacking in the braking department. Either way, it's a nice little rally car.

401hp tp 500 (MR drivetrain)
NSX Type S Zero
This car can be quite a handful at first; NSXs are not always easy to control. However, if you want to master it, give it time. You will get used to it's controls soon enough, and the best way to do this is to slowly add more power as you get acclimated to the car's ways. Soon enough, you'll be gyrating this car just the way you want to, and making the competion sick of you.

Jaguar XJR15
This is another car that somehow gets forgotten; try one and find out. This is the British version of an NSX; lovely to look at, and even more of a pleasure to drive. It may be only 472hp, but don't let that stop you. The unusual shade of blue is its only color, but you'll appreciate this car more and more each time you drive it. The XJR15 is not the fastest car, but is a good match for best AI cars.

Ford GT40 Race Car
This is another car that transcends the power rating tha gmae gives it. You can drift this baby nicely, but it's also a handful at times. This car does more gliding than racing; maybe it's the whisper-quiet exhaust sound (eerie, isn't it?); or maybe because the car is over 30 years old. Whatever it maybe, it's one of the last road-going race cars, and is a blast to have in your garage.

501hp to 600 (FR drivetrain)
Toyota Altezza LM edition
This is another random prize car that is worth racing a few times to try to get. Take an Altezza, add all sorts of aero parts, and give it a powerful engine. The result is a car that looks and acts the part of racing car. This car is one bad mutha...watch your mouth! Win the 2 hour Rome endurance event to find out. I think the Altezza LM looks best in dark gray, truly one monster racing machine.

TVR Tuscan Speed 6
This is the only prize car that you must win in order to pass the game. The third race of the Pure Sports Car Cup helps you win the car, and you'll be glad you did. In fully tuned form, this car has one of the best exhaust notes in the game. It's also light and powerful, a sort of smaller Speed 12, but no slouch in the speed department.

Mazda RX-7 GT-C LM edition
A wonderful car that gest overlooked because of its disappearance from the AI arsenal. The skylines, NSX's, and Supras get all the billing, but this little blue car just gets on with the job. A light weight, powerful engine, and nice suspenson moves put this at the top of the class. Even though it isn't as powerful as a fully-tuned street version of the GT-C, it won't disappoint, and isn't as much a handful to drive.

Skyline Silhouette Formula R30
Sometimes, the 4WD Skylines can be a little too easy to defeat your foes, and the understeer nags you quite a bit of the way. Welcome to the rear-wheel drive version of the racing Skylines, a mid-eighties version of the famous sports car that maybe ugly to the eye, but nevertheless, a very powerful machine for the racetrack.

Honorable mention
There are so many that should be here, but would make worthy substitutions to your garage. The RX-7 A-Spec LM and RX-7 LM editions are nice subs for the GT-C; they just tend to more understeer and oversteer than the GT-C LM. The Honda S2000 GT1 is a nice little car that needs a bit of suspension tuning to get just right.

501hp to 600 (4WD drivetrain)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS (or GSR)
If you need more power from your Evo, get the the latest on e offered in the game. You can get very close to 600hp, and will be a formidable foe in the rally and road racing's best. A little understeer needs to be cured, but other wise, you'll swear off 3000GT's once you get your hands on one of these.

Subaru Impreza 22B
Quite possibly the rarest car to find in the game. You have to check the Subaru lot every so often to find this baby. At over 50,000 credits, it's not very cheap, but it's the most powerful Subaru in the game. A very nice machine to drive whether fully-tuned or bone-stock. You'll dial out it's initial understeer soon enough, but for a challenge, try to win the 22B within the first 30 days of the game.

Audi TT LM edition
A fun little car to get sideways, not something easy to do with most 4WD cars, but entirely possible with the TT LM. A nice car gets even better, with 541hp and a light weight to prove it.

Mercedes-Benz CLK Race Car
The most infamous hidden car in the game. For the record: It's just not possble to get this car with out a GameShark, or getting a memory card with this car included. And it's not a CLK-GTR, so stop calling it that. However, you won't be unhappy with this substitute that Polyphony Digital whipped up. At first sight, it may not seem like much; 539hp and 2300lbs, but it has athletic moves, and wonderful brakes. And it's nice to see a racing modification that has a single color and doesn't look like a rolling billboard.

Honorable mention
The Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car is a nice substitute for the CLK Race Car (understandably, it's not easy to acquire). however, it's exhaust note sounds like something from a cartoon. Otherwise, it's a great car that the AI doesn't drive to it's full potential.

501hp to 600 (MR/RR drivetrain)
Toyota TRD 2000GT
You can easily mix this one up with the Tom's T020, but it's superior to it it in nearly every way. You will be impressed with the stock suspension setup, or boost it all the way up to 505hp. It's a lightweight, mid-engined coupe that's quite impressive.

Renault Clio Sport 24v
Not enough power in your fully-tuned Honda Civic? Get a hatchback with the engine behind the driver. A very unique car that has no equal in the game. How many small cars have over 500hp? Just this one. Have a ball embarassing the other cars with this one.

Dodge Concept Car LM edition
Probably one of the sweetest MR racing cars in the game, super-light, and quite powerful. It revolves around corners, and wraps itself around the tightest bends with ease. Win it at the ~591hp Convertible Car Cup event at Trial Mountain.

Lotus Esprit GT1
Another underrated car that gets lost in the Elise GT1 shuffle. A very nice MR machine that with the right tuning, can be a wonderful little addition to your garage. It's a great car that can drift ncely, acts fairly gentle for a mid-engined car (or a Lotus, for that matter).

Tommy Kaira ZZ II
This little McLaren F1-look alike is a wonderful prize car. It's a very fast car, once you get the hang of it. Simply win it at the GT All-Starts event at Rome; it requires some tuning, but it's a stunning piece of work to look at or to drive.

700hp and up (FR drivetrain)

Dodge Viper GTS (or RT/10)
This is one bad-looking car. And bad like Run-DMC used to rhyme, "Bad not meaning bad, but bad meaning good!". Ferocious power to match, and handiling that's not as primitive as the ones in the license tests. You'll get the same max power whether you choose the coupe or the RT/10, but the GTS has a nicer racing mod on it, although it weighs a few pounds more. 706hp should be enough power for all of your needs.

Toyota Supra RZ '97
This car is great all on it's own; but you can soup it up like crazy. Very fast, but needs a lot of suspension tuning. No, the RZ won't put out the amazing 910hp that it could in GT1, but you'll be pleased once you get its rear wheels in line. A little patience will give you a great reward.

TVR Speed 12
Not just a great money-making prize car (500,000 Cr!), but an incredible car. It's the most powerful normally-aspirated engine in the game. The 807hp V12 makes sounds reminiscent of a couple dozen lightning strikes. With all that power comes, uh, a complete lack of control. The Speed 12 is wonderful though the gentler high-speed turns, but banked turns and hairpins spin it faster than a Cuisinart. However, no GT2 garage should be without one, and if you can set this car up, you have the confidence to master any car.

HKS Drag 180SX
You're going to nead a car to set those 400m and 1000m records, and even a few top-speed runs. The Drag 180SX is your 1011hp machine. Its sister, the Drag R33, is 700 pounds heavier and more unwieldly, and thus, I can't suggest for your garage. But it handles corners as an aircraft carrier would, so you'll spend the best part of a day managing it over a street course. But the wail of a twin-turbocharged V12 is hard to ignore. Your drag racer is ready, even if the drag racing section wasn't.

Honorable Mention

It's hard to have a over-rated FR car with so much power; they are all a handful, and require a skilled hand to master. They can all be frustrating, but that frustration comes with a great reward if you have the patience and ability. The Supra RZ and Tom's Supra are alright, but just a tad too heavy compared to the others just mentioned. But they shouldn't disappoint with some tuning.

The Aston Martin Vantage seems to have this category all to itself. Okay, 726 horsepower is quite impressive, but it handles like a turd, and weighs as much as two Miatas. To be overweight, overpriced, and unsteady in every turn ought to be a sin. No kudos to this car.

700hp and up (4WD drivetrain)
Unisia Jecs Skyline GT-R GT
Really, you could choose any GT Skyline, but this one's free! Just win that ~591hp race at Midfield Raceway, and it's yours. Sure, the Zexel/Kure Skylines are just about as good, but the Unisia Jecs has the best styling, a combination of R33 and R34, and day-glo orange that is a visual shock to the cars it's merely holding up. The torque output is tremendous, too. you really can't lose in this car, but I'd advise softening the rear spring rates a bit before letting it lopose on the track.

Skyline R34 GT-R (or V-Spec)
Much has been said elsewhere about the GT-R R34. This amazing bit of technical wizardry makes it a true supercar of the future. Fully tuned, it's got 774hp, and slaughters all comers. However, it's got a weight issue, and it steers like an 18-wheeler, but if you tune it right, you'll have no trouble winning races left and right. Finally, the United States will get a taste of GT-R madness in the fall of 2002. Many are eagerly awaiting the R35...

Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 '99
This car ought to be on Weight Watchers, but who's really complaining? Sure, 3200 pounds makes it in Ren Hoëk's words, "a bloated sack of protoplasm", but the 719hp makes you turn the other way. It's an understeering monster, but tune it right, and you're in business.

Cultus Pikes Peak edition
Why the Cultus? Well, the Escudo is too darn easy to drive. If you can beat the AI Escudo at Pikes Peak, you can beat anything. Sure, it needs a little tuning, but what 700 horsepower car doesn't? show the world you don't need an Escudo, and you've got respect. It's not just a Geo Metro, it's an Escudo killer!

Honorable Mention

The Escudo, of course. It's too darn easy to win races with it, and it's too easy to control, and brainless to operate. You will fall asleep running any more than 2 laps with it. The only challenge is navigating it though the front "straight" at Grindelwald...heh, heh.

700hp and up (MR / RR drivetrain)
Venturi Atlantique LM600
This is definately one of the most under-rated cars in the game. How do you ignore 700+hp, and such a low weight? The 2 million credit price tag is quite dear, with most everyone going for the Escudo and Espace first, many wait around to shell out for this gray rocket. I'm not sure, but I guess it doesn't like banked corners at first. But, give it a chance, and you'll be quite pleased with its handling and nice power curve.

Vector W8 twin turbo
Either you love the styling or you don't; the mere fact it looks like an F16 fighter jet ought to be interesting enough. Sure, it's weight is rather high, but did you happen to notice the torque output? You'll have no trouble motivating this car through the corners due to its high amount of drag, so you won't even miss the lack of a racing modification. A must-have curiousity for your collection.

Toyota GT-One Road Version '98
You, the Test Course, and the GT-One. Sometimes, that's all you really want. Raw power and raw speed combine to make one incredibly fast machine. Hold on tight, because 260+ miles per hour is quite possible. Although it's a bore to race on the road courses, you can still put up some incredible times. Even in completely stock form, it's a wild ride, but add a stage 4 turbo kit, and you'll be chasing Boeing 747's in no time.

Lister Storm
I felt the Espace and the Storm were close for the last spot, so I gave them each a run at Trial Mountain Reverse. I made my decision in the first few turns. The sound of the fully-tuned Lister Storm (yes, the only Lister car in the game) is phenomenal, reminiscent of Jaguar's sports-car racing V12's. It's loud, but not eardrum-shattering. It's deep, but not noisy. And the timbre straight though the gears is a pleasure from start to finish. Don't let the AI trick you, this car may be a handful, but it's a sure-footed handful. Getting the Storm loose is one of the joys of the game, and I hope you enjoy that too.

Honorable Mention

The Espace F1 gets the bench because it's torque curve is so wacky; all the power gets produced at 14,000rpm. It's completely inflexible for serious racing, but it's still fun racing this "living room" of a car thoughout the tracks. If you've got the dough, have a try.

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