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GT2 Prize Car cars
I've played the game for 3 years now; here's my thoughts on the prize cars.

Ratings scale
••••• Stay home from work to attain it.
•••• Save it, then race it.
••• Keep it for later.
•• Live with out it.
• Sell it.

Special Events
FF Challenge
Tahiti Road ~246hp, B
Mugen Accord SiR-T (7,000cr.)
••• An okay Accord, but wait for the Type-R prize car.

Midfield Raceway ~345hp, A
Tom's T111 (5,500cr.)
•• Uh, all right if you like yellow, over-styled FF cars. Not enough power; what's with the pointy roof?

Trail Mountain ~394hp, I-C
Mugen Prelude Type-S (7,500cr.)

••• An okay Prelude. Not crazy about those Mugen body panels.
FR Challenge
Clubman Route 5 ~295hp, B
Nissan SilEighty (2,000cr.)
••• Great drifting car. Ineligible for 180/Silvia events, strangely enough.

Super Stage Route 5 ~443hp, I-C
Nismo 270R (10,000cr.)
•••• Slick car that needs some tuning.

Midfield Raceway ~493hp, I-B
Mazda RX-7 GT-C '99 (11,250cr.)

••• Frustrating car, even when fully-tuned it doesn't feel like 682hp.
MR Challenge
Grand Valley East ~345hp, I-C
TRD 2000GT (7,500cr.)
•••• Nice car, not bad looks, like getting a free MR2 GT-S.

High Speed Ring ~493hp, I-B
Tom's T020 (7,500cr.)
• Bah. Hate it. Snorkel and all. Keep the above prize car instead.

Red Rock Valley ~591hp, I-A
[R] Ford GT40 Race Car (250,000cr.)
••••• The Ancient Glider! A little tuning, and you'll be in love.
4WD Challenge
Seattle Short ~345hp, I-C
Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon GT-B '96 (5,150cr.)
••• Need a wagon? Okay, for a big car.

Seattle Circuit ~443hp, I-B
Nismo 400R Preceding Model (20,000cr.)
••• Okay for a Skyline, but get an '89 GT-R instead.

Laguna Seca ~690hp, I-A
Mine's Skyline R32.5 GT-R (17,500cr.)

•• (See above, only worse.)
Lightweight "Kei" Cup
Rome Short ~147hp, free
Mugen Beat (2,000cr.)
• Terrible handling for a low-powered machine. Use it for the Beat the Beat race, and sell it.

Seattle Short ~98hp, B
Mazda Demio A-Spec '97 (3,750cr.)
•••• Great little FF car, but very annoying exhaust.

Tahiti Road ~98hp, B
Mugen CR-X II (2,500cr.)

•• Needs more power. I don't see many changes to the '91 CR-X.
Compact Car Cup
Rome Short ~246hp, B
Toyota Vitz F '99 (2,320cr.)
•• Need a pink car? Enjoy. Vitz race makes it necessary.

Seattle Short ~246hp, B
Renault Clio 16V (5,595cr.)
• Worthless un-tunable car. Get a Clio Sport instead.

Autumn Ring ~295hp, B
Volkswagen Lupo (4,172cr.)
••• An okay FF kei car. It's got more passion than a Golf, though.
Luxury Sedan Cup
Rome Circuit ~394hp, B
Honda Accord Type R (10,000cr.)
•••• An Accord with gusto. And a nice racing mod.

Special Stage Route 5 ~493hp, I-C
Toyota Chaser TRD Sports X30 (10,000cr.)
•••• Reclaim those Chaser LM glories. Quite the sleeper of a car.

High Speed Ring ~591hp, I-B
Nissan GT-R 4 Door Tuned By Nismo (12,500cr.)
•• Just another overwieght Skyline. And it only comes in yellow.

Muscle Car Cup
*[Note potential license bug.]
Seattle Short, free, A (I-A)
Plymouth PT Spyder (25,000cr.)
••• A neat little car that could use some more power.

Seattle Circuit, free, I-C (I-A)
Shelby Cobra 427 '67 (75,000cr.)
•••• I frustrating car I hate to love. But I love it anyway.

Laguna Seca, free, I-B (I-A)
Chrysler Phaeton (25,000cr.)
••• Designed for the mayor of Gotham City. Pimptastic.
Convertible Car World
Tahiti Road ~246hp, A
Mazda MX-5 Miata A Spec (7,000cr.)
••• Okay, free Miata. But you can buy your own, or wait for better.

Grindelwald ~493, I-B
Toyota MR-S Show Version '97 (12,500cr.)
• Worthless prize car. Ineligible for MR-S event, too!

Trial Mountain ~591hp, I-A
[R] Dodge Concept Car LM Edition (125,000cr.)
••••• An amazing MR car; don't let it slip away from you!
Historic Car Cup
Tahiti Road ~246, A
Mugen CR-X del Sol III (3,000cr.)
•• Just okay, not very exciting. If you're dying for a green del Sol, here you go.

Rome Circuit ~295hp, A
Lotus Europa (20,000cr.)
••• Need an ugly but effective MR car? Here's one.

Grindelwald ~394hp, I-C
Toyota XYR/Celica Concept Car (12,500cr.)
•• Okay, but not very powerful. Tasteful rear wing, at least.

Station Wagon Cup
Rome Short ~394hp, B
Subaru Impreza Wagon STi Version V '98 (6,300cr.)
•••• Not your father's station wagon.

Super Speedway ~394hp,
Mugen Accord Wagon (6,250cr.)
•• Your father's station wagon with aero parts.

Special Stage Route 5 ~394hp,
Nissan Stagea 260RS Tuned By Nismo (12,000cr.)
••• The Yellow Submarine, now powered by Pratt & Whitney.
'80s Sports Car Cup
Trial Mountain ~197hp, I-C
Mugen Ferio (5,750cr.)
•• Decent looking, not enough juice.

Special Stage Route 5 ~345hp, I-C
Mugen CR-X del Sol III (3,000cr.)
•• Didn't I win this car already? (Yes, you may have...cr.)

Deep Forest ~345hp, I-B
Mugen Civic Type-R (6,250cr.)
••• Ugly, but effective. The most powerful Civic in the game.

Seattle Circuit ~394hp, I-B
Mugen Integra Type-R (7,500cr.)
•••• Finally, Mugen does a great styling job. Not bad.

Tahiti Road ~394hp, I-B
[R] Nissan Skyline Silhouette Formula R30 (125,000cr.)
••••• Woohoo...an FR Skyline! Dangerous in the right hands.

Grand Touring Car Trophy
Red Rock Valley ~394hp, I-C
[R] Daishin Silvia GT '99 (125,000cr.)
•••• Just a tad underpowered, has nice moves.

Grand Valley ~493hp, I-B
[R] Castrol Mugen NSX GT '98 (250,000cr.)
•••• Very quick once you get the hang of it. But can you control it?

Midfield Raceway ~591, I-A
[R] Unisia Jecs GT-R GT '99 (250,000cr.)
••••• Dominant. Hard to beat. But far from the most exciting car.

Pure Sports Car Cup
Laguna Seca ~394hp, A
Tom's Angel T01 (12,500cr.)
••• Wishing for more power. But a nice car.

Deep Forest ~443, I-B
Tommy Kaira ZZ III (12,500cr.)
••••• An all-round excellent package. Quite a sleeper.

Trial Mountain ~591, I-A
Tuscan Speed 6 (125,000cr.)
••••• Great engine sound! Necessary for the Tuscan Race. Plenty of power.

Tuned NA Car No. 1 Cup (random prize car)
Grindelwald/Autumn Ring/Laguna Seca ~free, I-A
Spoon Integra Type-R (9,500cr.)
•••• Less is more. The lightweight Integra.

Spoon Civic Type-R (12,000cr.)
••• High revving, wishing for more juice.

Mazda MX-5 Miata B-Spec (7,500cr.)
•• Nothing special, get the next one.

Mazda MX-5 Miata C Spec (12,500cr.)
•••• The end-all be-all Miata.
Tuned Turbo Car Cup (random prize car)
Special Stage Route 5/Test Course/Deep Forest ~free, I-A
[R] HKS R33 Drag GT-R (250,000cr.)
• Titanic on wheels. Good cash cow, though.

Nismo 400R (30,000cr.)
Yeah, another Skyline. Okay styling.

Mine's R33 Skyline GT-R (18,750cr.)
•• Who wrote on my Skyline?

Gran Turismo All Stars
Super Speedway ~free, I-A
Mine's Lancer Evolution V (13,750cr.)
•••• Nice rally car. Funny street car.

Special Stage Route 5 ~free, I-A
Mine's R34 Skyline GT-R (20,000cr.)
••• Didn't I win this already? No...but it sure looks like it.

Red Rock Valley ~free, I-A
TVR Speed 12 (500,000cr.)
••••• Save it for later, improve your skills first. Cash cow #1.

Rome Circuit ~free, I-A
[R] Tommy Kaira ZZII (250,000cr.)
••••• Great car, quite versatile.

Laguna Seca ~free, I-A
Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car '97 (250,000cr.)
••••• An amazing car; an F1 car for the streets.
Super Touring Trophy (random prize car)
Apricot Hill/Trial Mountain/Laguna Seca/Deep Forest/Rome Circuit ~493hp. I-B
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 30th Anniversary '96 (7,000cr.)
••• Ugly race mod. Heavy, but somewhat effective.

TRD 3000GT (14,250cr.)
•••• Power without control. Needs lots of tuning.

Tom's Supra (12,500cr.)
•••• Needs a skilled hand. Tons of power, though.
GT 300 Championship (5 races/random prize car)
Grand Valley East/Laguna Seca/Deep Forest/Midfield Raceway/Apricot Hill ~591hp, I-B
[R] Momo Corse Apex MR2 GT '99 (125,000cr.)
••• Frustrating car to race in the GT300 series.

[R] Weds Sport Celica GT '99 (125,000cr.)
•• An overweight FF race car? Why?

[R] Xanavi Silvia (125,000cr.)
•••• Just like the Daishin Silvia.

[R] BP Apex Craft Trueno (125,000cr.)
••••• Drive like mad. Drift like mad. Quite a sleeper.
GT 500 Championship (5 races/random prize car)
Laguna Seca/Super Speedway/Rome Circuit/Trial Mountain/Apricot Hill ~free, I-A
[R] Cerumo Supra GT '99 (250,000cr.)
••••• Gotta have a Supra GT.

[R] STP Taisan Viper GT (250,000cr.)
•••• A well-balanced Viper.

[R] Arta Zexel Skyline GT-R GT '99 (250,000cr.)
•••• But you already have a Skyline, don't you? Natty paint job.

[R] Takata NSX GT '99 (250,000cr.)
•••• If you don't have an NSX GT already.

Gran Turismo League
Euro League
Apricot Hill ~591hp, I-B
[R] Castrol Supra GT '96 (250,000cr.)
••••• The GT1 king returns.

Grand Valley ~591hp, I-B
[R] Zexel Skyline GT-R GT '97 (250,000cr.)
••• Don't I have one of these...

Rome Circuit ~591hp, I-B
[R] Kure R33 GT-R GT '97 (250,000cr.)
••• ...of course you do.

Pacific League
Midfield Raceway ~542hp, I-B
[R] Nissan 300ZX GTS '97 (250,000cr.)
•••• Lots of torque. Lots of moves.

Seattle Circuit ~542hp, I-B
[R] Mazda RX-7 LM Edition (250,000cr.)
•••• Another fail-safe GT1 car returns.

Laguna Seca ~542hp, I-B
[R] HKS Drag 180SX (250,000cr.)

• Almost as annoying as the Drag GT-R.
Gran Turismo World League (5 races/random prize car)
Trial Mountain/Laguna Seca/Apricot Hill/Rome Circuit/Midfield Raceway ~free, I-A
[R] Nissan R390 GT1 '98 (500,000cr.)
•••• Great car. Hard to spot.

[R] Toyota GT-One Race Car '98 (500,000cr.)
••••• Keep it! Also hard to spot.

[R] Calsonic Skyline GT-R GT '99 (250,000cr.)
•••• (I know what you're going to say.)

[R] Castrol Mugen NSX GT '99 (250,000cr.)

•••• Haven't we met before?

Endurance Races
Grand Valley 300km
(random prize car)
~690hp, I-A
Impreza Rally Car '96 (125,000cr.)
•• They castrated this GT1 puppy in GT2.

Nissan R390 GT1 '97 (500,000cr.)

••••• Awesome. Can't beat it.

Apricot Hill 200km (random prize car)
~591hp, I-B
Dodge Viper GTS-R (250,000cr.)
••• An okay Viper, handles funny.

Lancia Stratos (75,000cr.)

•••• Funny little car makes itself scarce. Surprising moves.
Seattle Circuit 100 Miles (random prize car)
~591hp, I-B
Escort Rally Car (125,000cr.)
••• Overweight, but okay.

Ford GT90 (125,000cr.)

••••• Crazy looks, crazy power, crazy handling.
Laguna Seca 200 Miles (random prize car)
~free, I-A
3000GT LM Edition '99 (250,000cr.)
•••• This understeering monster needs tuning, but a nice race car.

Toyota Celica Rally Car (250,000cr.)

••••• An amazing rally car.

Rome Circuit 2 Hours (random prize car)
~free, I-A
Toyota Corolla Rally Car '97 (125,000cr.)
•• Nothing special.

Toyota Altezza LM Edition (250,000cr.)

••••• One bad mutha.

Trial Mountain 30 Laps
~295hp, I-B
Denso Sard Supra GT '99 (250,000cr.)

••••• If you didn't win a Supra GT already...
Special Stage Route 5 All-Night (random prize car)
~free, I-A
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car '99 (125,000cr.)
•••• A very nice rally car. Fun with yaw control.

TVR Cerbera LM Edition (250,000cr.)

••••• Don't sell it! This car is very, very quick.
License Tests
(must collect all gold trophies)
B: Spoon Honda S2000
••• The Honda S2000 is better, but you've really earned this one.

A: Dodge Concept Car
•••• Plenty of moves, good power and light weight.

I-C: [R] Mitsubishi 3000GT LM Edition
••• Needs to shed some weight. Get the '99 instead.

I-B: [R] Honda del Sol LM Edition
••••• What an amazing car. Nice rally car, too.

I-A: [R] Mitsubishi FTO LM Edition
••••• How can you beat it? It does everything right.

Superlicense: [R] Toyota GT-One Race Car '99

••••• Unless you can't win the '98 version, it's the same thing.

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