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Some GT2 hybrid making tips
Remember that the GameShark uses Hexadecimal notation. The conversion is quite easy, once you get the hang of it. Sure, it would make more sense if we had 8 fingers on each hand, but then your D-pad would have more buttons. So remember, 1-9 are the same, but from here on, the conversion from hex to decimal goes like this: A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15, 10=16, 11=17, ..., 1f=31, 20=32, etc, etc. Whereas the numbers you're normally dealing with have a ones, tens, hundreds, thousands place (and so on), the hexadecimal system uses a ones, sixteens-place, a 256s-place, a 4096s-place (and so on). So to figure out very large numbers in hexadecimal takes a little practice, but it's essential for creating GameShark values. Or you can use your Windows calculator, but be sure to set to View > Scientifc and choose Hex. I use an old solar-powered TI-34, it does the job without wires!

One of the most annoying part of building a hybrid is the unusual "UFO noise" that can occur. It may sound cool for the first lap or so, but it really gets quite annoying after a while. There are three ways to remedy this:

1. Don't add mufflers to cars that weren't intended to take them. Many of the "specials" that take no performance enhancing parts hate mufflers! In fact, this is the surest way to add noise to your hybrid. So if you have a Castrol Supra GT engine in your car, you can add anything but muffler parts to it. However, you can add mufflers to engines that were orignally intended for them, like a Mustang, Esprit, Clio, or whatever. Thus, it's possible to add a muffler from a Lister Storm to a Honda Civic, just don't add it to a Toyota GT-One. This one of the reasons I wasn't able to find many listed muffler codes online, but I've found a few through trial and error.

2. Do not mix NA tune-ups with turbos. You can mix them to get lots of power, but the noise comes with it. So add either NA tune-up or turbo kits to your car, but not both. If you want simplicity, choose turbos for engines that normally take turbo upgrades (or have turbos installed), and NA-tuning for non-turbo cars that normally take NA tune-ups.

3. If you really want a turbocharger on a normally-aspirated engine, you have to add a turbocharger boost gauge and sound. It's easier than you think; do this by finding their basecodes and adding the appropriate values for each basecode. These values seem to work well for any NA-to-turbo change, say, a Viper with an RX-7 LM engine.

(Version 1.0)
801CD014 410A
801CD016 0046

If you want to put a normally aspirated engine in a car that normally takes a turbo, just set the above value for each basecode to zeros, which essentially removes the turbo guage and sound. Try it with a Ford GT40 engine in a Skyline, for example.

(Version 1.0)
801CD014 0000
801CD016 0000

Too much horsepower? Yes, there really is such a thing. It can be very difficult to steer a 2000-hp, mid-engined car. Know your limits; after all, the AI isn't that difficult to beat. Set reasonable horsepower goals and then work your way up. The other drawback to freaky horsepower is that it may actually freeze up your game. Although it's rare, I've noticed it's quite common during the wait for the "Go!" signal. Sometimes the car will rocket off in reverse gear! Be ready, and try to stop immediately so you can start moving forward again.

Gearboxes that have only a few gears. Some cars have only 5 forward gears, and some have only three (some muscle cars). The Toyota Prius was cursed with a single gear ratio! Check your cars accordingly, some machines may dissapoint you. Nevertheless, there are gear-ratio basecodes to play with, but I'd advise writing down the original values for the tranny first. It can get quite frustrating, so have some patience.

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Hybrid Examples...nothing too fancy!

Accord Type-RG
This is the simple combination of an Accord Type-R with an NSX GT engine, mated to the FR drivetrain of an Altezza LM edition. The result is one really fast sedan. The "RG" stands for Richie Ginther, who won the 1965 Mexican GP for Honda.

Car: [R] Honda Accord Type-R
Mods: all but no engine mods
Engine: 00c4
Drivetrain: 01ee

Flying Banana
After I mastered the Speed 12's reckless handling habits (well, not really), I figured it ought to have 4WD and 50% more power. And 250% more downforce.

Car: [R] TVR Speed 12
Mods: racing modification
NA tune-up Stage 3: 025f
Displacement: 0001
Downforce: ffff

The Crystal Ship
Everything you've always liked about Skylines is right here. Very quick; I've topped 480mph with this monster, and there's more to come with the right tuning.

Car: [R] Pennzoil Skyline GT-R GT '99
Body: 1858 41cc
Displacement: 0e0f (lots of power)
Turbo: 024a
Downforce: ffff

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