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How to make a GT2 hybrid car:
I searched the internet for about a month, but it was hard to find a good, concise site that told me how to make a hybrid car in Gran Turismo 2. Now I will tell you the easy way to do it...

1. Get a Gameshark.
2. Find out your version GT2.
3. Understand the basecodes.
4. Start the game.
5. Put the car you want to "hybrid" in the 1st garage slot (press START on your controller).
5. Save your game.
6. Restart w/GS on.
7. Put in the codes.
8. Start game.
9. Check the 1st garage slot....bingo!
10. Save the game.
11. Go back to step 6 for more hybrids.

Here's an example: (Version 1.0) 801ccfcc 0053 (puts an Oreca Viper engine in your car.) If your car was normally-aspirated to begin with, check the garage and you'll see a car with a 690hp V10 engine. If the car was a turbo car (like a Skyline GT-R), you'll get an annoying "UFO" noise.

If you want to change other cars with the exact same changes, just move it to the top slot. If you want to move other cars and use different codes...turn the GS off! The same applies to other parts that you add to the car. It takes a little patience, but you'll have it down in no time. However, be aware that some things cause the game to freeze up; sometimes overrevving the car at the start of the race may do this, for example. Save your work, because the GS may casuse unpredictable results.

You may not change the settings (suspension, gears, etc.) until you exit the race after you enter it. Your car may not move from the starting line, or it keeps the original engine. How do you get around this?

1. Enter the race.
2. Change the settings.
3. Quit the race (without starting it).
4. Re-enter the race.
5. Immediately start the race (Remember not to touch the settings!).

Very helpful links:
Buy any car codes: http://www.rogs.dial.pipex.com/buynewt.htm
Basecodes: http://kabmotorsports.50megs.com/custom.html
Body codes: http://www.tznet.com/wagnerl/cars.TXT
Advanced: http://members.aol.com/wolvinbolt/GT2PartChart.html
Part codes: http://thunderroadsgthybrids.homestead.com/Trr.html

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