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Dex Drive Saves for Gran Turismo 2
If you really get involved in the game, you are going to want a second, or even a third memory card. But how do you keep backups of those games? What if you want to keep all those race replays? And all those other games you own? You may want to invest in a DexDrive.

A DexDrive is a device that connects a PlayStation memory card module to your PC, using a serial cable. Software is included, and you simply drag the memory blocks into a file (*.gme) that you can save on any any storage medium. You can find game saves of all kinds if you do a bit of searching. Below I've included a few saves, in the WinZip format.

File Name Description
day1all1.zip Day 1, all gold, Superlicense, all tracks, 10,000 credits
day1all2.zip Same as above but with 99,999,999 credits
license1.zip Day 1, all gold, Superlicense, all tracks, 10,000 credits, license cars in all colors
license2.zip Same as above, but with 99,999,999 credits
hidden.zip Hidden GT2 cars, and body-only stuff
hybrids.zip Assorted hybrid cars

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